Mammography center in Paris La Défense

What is mammography with tomosynthesis 3D?

Mammography with tomosynthesis 3D is the best imaging technique to acquire highly detailed images of the breast tissue. It uses low-dose X-rays. Mammography is used for the detection of breast cancer, the location and evaluation of breast lumps, and for guidance of interventional procedures.

The radiology center of Paris La Defense is specialized in breast imaging and has a diagnostic breast imaging unit (mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI) and interventional breast imaging unit(micro and macro breast biopsy, FNA) led by Dr. Raphael Khayat, a former practitioner of the Institut Curie – Hôpital René Huguenin.

Our center has a full-field digital mammography, allowing a better ability to detect anomalies and ultrasound probes with high frequency adapted for the study of the breast.

Indications – Reason to perfom a mammogram with tomosynthesis 3D?

Mammography is an X-ray examination of the breasts. It can be unilateral or bilateral
This examination is often associated with bilateral breast ultrasound.
The indications are very varied.
The main reasons are:
Indivudual screening .
Screening or surveillance of a mass or breast microcalcifications.
Monitoring of breast cancer
The presence of breast pain (mastodynia), a nipple discharge
Before the establishment of breast prosthesis, to search for signs of complications (rupture, shell …) or to check their condition.

Preparation – What to do before a mammogram at the mammography 3D center Paris La Defense?

Achieving a mammogram with tomosynthesis requires an appointment.
If you experience breast tenderness before and during your menstrual period, and that your mammogram is not of an urgent nature, try to schedule your appointments outside this part of your cycle to get better results.
Wear clothes that allows you to remove your clothes from the top half of your body while remaining clothed on the lower half.
Do not wear deodorant, talcum powder or moisturizer. Mammograms can view these details and can interfere with getting a good review.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is imperative to inform our staff during your appointment you to take any precautions for making good shots.
If you have breast implants please inform our staff when you make your appointment so that adequate time is allocated appointment.
Bring any previous mammograms, ultrasound and breast MRI breast with you to your appointment.

For a prompt refund of your mammogram, thank you bring your Carte Vitale.

Procedure – How is a mammogram with tomosynthesis at the mammography center Paris la Defense?

You must complete some formalities upon arrival and you will be informed about the price of the exam. There are slight variations depending on the cost of the examination (mammography unilateral / bilateral, with or without breast ultrasound …).

Your previous exams will be considered by the operator and radiologist before starting your mammogram
You will be invited to the mammography room after removing your clothes of  the upper half of your body
To take your mammogram the manipulator will position  you in a x-ray machine specially designed for the study of breasts. Your breast will be placed on the imaging plate and pressure will be applied to the upper part of your chest. This compression is needed to produce an image of the breast tissue consistent, accurate and better. Compression force shall be applied only for a few seconds. At least two views of each breast will be taken
In order to get a good image, you will be asked to remain still during mammography.
A manipulator will attend to explain all aspects of this review with you. Your consent will be requested before starting the examination.
After your mammogram, you may be asked to perform an additionnal ultrasound  in function of some parameters related to the structure of your breasts to get a better assessment of your breast tissue.
You will receive your mammogram  at the end of your appointment.

How long does a mammogram with tomosynthesis at the mammography center Paris La Defense?

The vast majority of mammography examinations last 15 minutes but to fulfill the administrative steps and wait for your repport in a general way, we suggest you allow up to 30 minutes for your appointment

Mammography is safe?

Mammography uses X-rays which is a form of ionizing radiation. All radiation is cumulative and involves risks that can not be avoided. Mammograms are performed only when the benefit of the examination outweighs the potential risks. Mammograms are performed with relatively low doses of X-rays. In addition, the use of digital mammography, allows to minimize the radiation dose.
In the center of Paris La Défense imaging you can be assured that radiation doses are kept as low as reasonably possible.